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 The Hage Mentorship for First Nations Writers 

Sweatshop Literacy Movement has established an inaugural First Nations mentorship program for emerging Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander writers funded by Professor Ghassan Hage (specifically through the advance he received for The Racial Politics of Australian Multiculturalism).

Over a period of 12 months, two First Nations recipients will work on their debut non-fiction manuscript. Their research and writing will be inspired by their own lived experiences and the academic credibility of the mentorship’s founder, Professor Ghassan Hage. Once an initial manuscript is completed under the tutelage of First Nations mentors each recipient will pitch their work to UNSW Press for acquisition and publication.

The mentorship will:

  • Provide two First Nations recipients with a fee of $5,000.00 each to undertake their non-fiction manuscript

  • Each recipient will be guided by community and literary leaders [name] and [name] in the form of mentors, who will assess their work every quarter for 12 months

  • In-kind support via desk and office space one day a week for 12 months

  • In-kind editorial support via Sweatshop Literacy Movement

  • Potential manuscript acquisition and publication with award-winning non-fiction publisher UNSW Press


  • Must identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander

  • Must be an emerging writer (no previously published full-length books)

  • Applicant must be available for the entire duration of the mentorship as well as any subsequent opportunities

  • Participants must work towards a complete non-fiction manuscript throughout the duration of the mentorship

  • Mentees must be able to effectively collaborate with mentors throughout the duration of the mentorship

Selection Process:

Submission deadline: [date]

Successful applicants will be notified: [date]

For more information, please reach out to


Sweatshop Literacy Movement

Sweatshop is a literacy movement based in Western Sydney which is devoted to empowering culturally and linguistically diverse communities through reading, writing and critical thinking. Our movement provides research, training, mentoring and employment opportunities for emerging and established writers and arts practitioners from Indigenous and non-English speaking backgrounds. 


Professor Ghassan Hage

Ghassan Hage is professor of anthropology and social theory at the University of Melbourne and a senior research fellow at the Max Planck Institute of Social Anthropology in Germany. He is internationally renowned for his research on migration, on the intersection of racism, nationalism and colonialism, and for his development of critical anthropological theory. Along with the works re-published in The Racial Politics of Australian Multiculturalism, Hage’s most recent sole-authored books include: Alter-Politics: Critical Anthropology and the Radical ImaginationIs Racism an Environmental Threat? and The Diasporic Condition: Ethnographic Explorations of the Lebanese in the World.

[Mentor 1 name]

[Mentor 2 name]



This mentorship is funded by Creative Australia in support by Professor Ghassan Hage and Sweatshop Literacy Movement in partnership with Diversity Arts Australia.


In order to apply, please complete this short expression of interest (EOI). The EOI is a simple questionnaire that enables us to find out about you and your practice.

Please upload a headshot

Upload File

Please provide an 800-word sample of your non-fiction work.

Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

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