Are we a nation of racists? Thirty-nine writers confront our darkest truths in this fearless collection of short stories, poems and essays from the margins of Australia.


Featuring Tyree Barnette, Meyrnah Khodr, Adam Phillip Anderson, Guido Melo, Janette Chen, Riley Ingersole, Sydnye Allen, Chris Tupouniua, Rizcel Gagawanan, Amani Haydar, Christine Shamista, Krisneth Paddy, Ting Huang, Heikmah Napadow, Mark Mariano, Daniel Nour, Monikka Eliah, Shirley Le, Kabien Parker, Ayoub Jama, Ferdous Bahar, Ayusha Nand, Pamela Asare, Natalia Figueroa Barroso, Sara Saleh,  Nellie Tapu Nonumalo Mu, Cassandra Taylor, Noor Abuzamaq,  Dezheen Shivan, Fiti Fainifo, Elisha Toese, Mahran Asghari, Lara Ahmed, Sopanha Chea, Yash Bab, Zoyal Dahal, Cleveland Brown, Max Edwards & Sarah Ayoub.


Edited by Winnie Dunn, Stephen Pham & Phoebe Grainer.

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