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StoryCasters is a training hub for arts critics. Instruction in review writing with critically-acclaimed editor, Winnie Dunn, will give participants the tools needed in order to critically engage with all things arts, media, and diversity. All interested writers will have the opportunity to review the latest novels, memoirs, essay collections and children’s books with the potential to have their work showecased on the renowned industry platform, Books+Publishing.


Registrations for interested writers will be back open from July 2023 to people from Indigenous and non-English speaking backgrounds. To register, please fill out the questionnaire below. The requested information adheres to the KPIs outlined in our funding criteria.

Keep updated on our organisation via our InstagramFacebook and Twitter. Registrars must be Australian residents and over the age of 18. For any further enquiries, please contact Sweatshop.


StoryCasters is a project run in partnership with Diversity Arts Australia.

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